June 29, 2022

Heart Rate Variability

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This Might Be the Most Valuable Training Data

When the question of how to use data to guide your training came up during a podcast discussion last week, I dusted off a familiar bromide. The output from GPS watches, power meters, heart rate monitors, and other forms of modern wearable tech is great for describing your training, I said, but not so good for prescribing it.

A pretty good overview of the value and application of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  Although I’m obviously not putting in the training hours comparable to a long-course triathlete, I still believe HRV is a valuable tool for the casual athlete.  The body doesn’t particularly differentiate between the stress it receives from exercise versus numerous other sources such work stress or potential illness. Even if your training volume is relatively low, monitoring your HRV may help recognize when some additional rest and recovery may be in order – potentially warding off injury or sickness.

For more information Heart Rate Variability, check out the Elite HRV site.

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